5 Concept Ideas for a Luxury Wedding Villa

bali villa wedding

Nowadays, many brides and grooms are interested in getting married at a Bali villa wedding to make happy memories of holding their wedding reception. In addition to choosing a wedding location for bali villa wedding, of course, the idea of ​​a wedding concept is no less important to pay attention to. Here are some contemporary wedding concept ideas that are suitable for today’s millennial generation.

The concept of a luxury wedding villa

1. Whimsical Wedding

Whimsical weddings are very suitable for couples who like unique details for each ornament, non-traditional elements, and choosing various colors into one unit. You can even add some weird ideas to enliven this unique and anti-mainstream wedding concept.

A simple example, you can add a row of chairs in the middle of the room or garden. Next, add decorations in the form of colorful balloons in some corners of the room. Feel free to add a semicircle bench, and add a cupcake pile treat or donut to the side.

2. Elegant wedding

The concept of an elegant wedding never seems out of date. This one concept is perfect for those who like all-white shades. In order not to look plain, you can add various soft colored ornaments such as chocolate or pastels. The color combination is the key so that the elegant impression remains.

You can combine pure white with gold to create a luxurious but sweet impression. White also goes well with various other colors, so it won’t be too difficult to choose the right color. Not surprisingly, until recently, this wedding concept has been widely applied in Bali villa weddings.

3. Minimalist wedding

Minimalism is one of the unique decoration concepts that many brides choose. Without adding too many decorations, the wedding event looks charming thanks to the color touches of various colorful flowers and other supporting ornaments. This wedding concept is suitable for indoor weddings such as homes and special buildings.

4. Picnic Wedding

Tired of the usual concept of marriage? It looks like you can try the picnic wedding concept as an alternative. As one might imagine, here a wedding reception could have proceeded wisely in a much more relaxed and modest fashion. Even as the name implies, because the audience can feel the sensation like a picnic thanks to the mat as a seat.

5. Terrarium Wedding

Today, the eco green concept is stealing the attention of people who care about the surrounding environment. It turns out that you can also use this one concept as a wedding concept in a Bali villa wedding. Give a touch of terrarium decoration as a centerpiece in some VIP tables, guaranteed that this wedding concept will always be remembered by the invited guests.

The Surga Villa Estate is a popular venue for a wedding. Here the bride and groom are not only served with the charm of the beauty of the beach and hills, but also get satisfying service. You can also use one of the marriage concepts above to create happy memories with your partner.